Friday, 1 February 2013

How to increase your computer or laptop processing speed
      Hey guys now i am going to tell you here how to increase your computer or laptop processing 
      speed. There is the three ways like %temp% type in run in window
      xp to increase the computer speed. Here is the first method:-


  1. First click on start menu in window xp
  2. Then click on run
  3. Type %temp% in run box
  4. Click on ok
  5. Here is the some temporary files of your system, select all and permanently delete them.
Now your computer speed increase.This idea works works in all operating systems.

  1. Click on again start menu
  2. then click on Run
  3. Type msconfig in box
  4. Click on ok
  5. System configuration utility window appears on screen
  6. Click on service tab disable the all extra services that you are not used like infrared monitor,smart card etc.
Now you have found that your computer or laptop speed s increased. This idea is work in all operating systems.

  1. Click on my computer
  2. Then right click on my computer
  3. Click on properties
  4. System properties window appears
  5. Now click on advance tab
  6. Click on performance settings
  7. Again click on advance tab
  8. Click on change to change the paging file size of your computer
  9. Now change the initial size accordingly
  10. after set click on set
  11. Click on ok
  12. then click on apply and ok
   Now you have obviously found that your computer is increased. This idea work in all operating systems.If you have any                Queries then post it here.....


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